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A Tour Around Summerville

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The Harmony Park located at the the Dr. Arthur Hines School.
A Joint Community Project.


The Local businesses
 and services of Summerville

Visit the Avon Emporium and 
The Shipwright Inn
Eat outside in the Cafe Flower Garden
and enjoy the flower garden 
along with the fish pond.
View the Bay of Fundy's 50 ft. Tides 
from two vantage points, one of which which in 
a short walk from the Inn.


The Shipwright Inn
Why not visit Summerville and
stay at this modern inn.
While you are there enjoy the best home 
cooking on the Glooscap Trail.
The Local Service Station and Garage
We are sorry to say but the gas pumps are closed
 The Dr. Arthur Hines School

The Kempt United Baptist Church
This monument marks the location of the first
Methodist Church in Summerville.
It is located just west of the new Baptist Church.
This building was used as thearter for many years
but now houses a local artist
The Summerville Volunteer Fire Department
         The Summerville Volunteer Fire Department showing the new extention as of December 31 2004
The Summerville Volunteer Fire Department showing 
the new extention as of June 24 2005

 A view of the 

Looking east to what is referred 
locally as Lower Summerville.
The Oldest House in Summerville NS
The House was built around 1835
Click here to view the rest of the
Old Houses of Summerville
This is the site of the original John Grant Homestead.
Across the road form the Grant Homestead
is The Loyal Hill Cemetery.
This is the site of the first
Baptist Church in Summerville.
Looking west from the Grant Homestead on Highway 215 
into  the main village of Summerville.
Going in the same direction just past the Avon Emporium.
Looking east across the Summerville Flats 
on Highway 215
The Nunn Road from the west end.
The Nunn Road looking west.
The Nunn Road going north.
The Nunn Road from the east end.
Going west along the Nunn Road from the east end.
Horbart Wharf Road
Horbart Wharf Road
This is the old Grant Gypsum Quarry 
on the Hobart Wharf Road.
The old Grant Gypsum Quarry 
on the Hobart Wharf Road in 1895
The tunnel to the beach is just being built
The Hobart Wharf was at this site.
This was a busy port in the mid to late 1800's,
shipping gypsum and doing ship repairs.
The Hobart Beach at low tide.
This is where the wharf was located.
What you see on the beach is the remains of a few old schooners that were converted to gypsum barges and later
abandoned here.
Looking down river from Hobart's Wharf.
An old apple orchard at the wharf site.
It is now a picnic area.
 Master's Road for the top of the hill
Click on the image to view our house in Summerville
Click here to look at more pictures of 
Our Summerville Home
Our home in Summerville Nova Scotia
Overlooking the Avon River
  Looking at our house from the Baptist Church
The Summerville Beach
 and the 50 foot tides
High Tide
Low Tide
This was the site of the Armstrong Shipyard
Sharon and Buddy enjoy the evening at the beach
  Looking towards Big Creek
 Buddy and Sally checking things out.
They really like it down at the beach.
Summerville's only yacht "Newfie"
at her berth in Big Creak

     For more details on the older sites and buildings visit my pages on the
History of Summerville and The Old Houses of Summerville.

Other Links to Summerville and the surrounding area


While you are touring the area why not view the  The Quarry Park at Kempt Shore
This page is a brief history of Summerville and includes many old pictures
A Brief History of Summerville Including many old pictures of the area
Take a tour of the 19'th century homes in Summerville
A  Picture Tour of the 
Old Houses of Summerville NS

All of these houses are at least 100 years old

A Nova Scotia Snow Storm Hits Summerville
A Nova Scotia Snow Storm Hits Summerville
Hants County Cruisers Car Club Car Shows
Hants County Cruisers Car Club Antique Car Shows
Free Road Maps and Hundreds of Highway
RV Travel Itineraries
Peterson's Campground
Home of The Annual Kempt Shore 
Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Festival
Come and enjoy the music and get 
one of the best camping deals in Nova Scotia
Visit our Home in Summerville Nova Scotia. This house was built in 1873.
Our 1873 Home
A view through the windows of The Windshift Inn on a Rainy Day
Through the windows on a Rainy day 
at the Windshift Inn
Visit Sharon's garden and watch the changes as the season progresses
Sharon's Garden
Watch it as it progress through the seasons,
from early spring to full summer bloom
Lilies From the Valley
A Vast selection of Oriental and Asiatic previously cut commercially grown bulbs ready for shipment anywhere in Canada

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