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As you can see my Dad finally got around to making me a new web page. You probably got here from a link on my sister's page, most people do. She's OK but I am really the best looking one.

I'm 12 years old now and these pictures will show you how
I grew up into such a handsome dog.

Buddy didn't live much past 12 years old.
On April 21 2009 he went to his final resting place.
He developed a degenerating mussel condition in his back end
and could no longer get up and walk or run the way he enjoyed.
Buddy had many friends and admirers and he will be missed by all.
After his mummy passed away in 2007, Buddy found a new mummy.
He adopter her as his own and they became very good friends.
They were together constantly. Buddy's passing will be a great loss to
her as well as his sister Sally and myself.
He was a great friend to all that knew him, kind, gentle and loving.
Buddy loved children and would play with them until the very end.
On April 16 he took his final walk with Ann around the back loop
of our property, a walk he loved so much.
After that his mussels gave out completely.

Buddy, February 1997 - April 2009






This is a new pen pal I have. Her name is Hailey and she lives in Truro Nova Scotia


And now my pictures

   This is my first day with my new Mom
I was six months old then
   They had a sail boat and Mom told me 
      I had to learn to help sail it.
     She said I had to be a good 
   deck hand, whatever that is.
      I really like to watch TV
      I like to help her in the garden too.
   She had to peal all those polls 
so I thought I would help a bit.
 After all that work I get to look 
around the garden
     We used to go camping a lot and 
after a long day
I liked to relax a bit
 Now ice cream and I get along 
together real well
 Someone told me that I was a fire dog
      The thing fastened to Mom's bike is called a springer. I just love to run with her.
      My poor tail. I'll have to learn to keep it
   out of the truck door. 
    When I was young I really liked 
to play in the snow
     Boy could I run then, I still can but
I've slowed down a wee bit
    This is me wide open
Boy have things ever changed in
my life in the past few years.
What do you think this is ?
OH well I guess I'm stuck with 
her so we had better get along.

I hope she knows who the boss is.

Not only do I have a new sister but 
I have two cousins.
And to top that off, we moved from
the city to the country which is pretty good.
I have lots of room to run now.
This is my sister, my Mom and me
on the deck at Christmas.
Sure is cold out there 
and I don't like the cold.
When I got older I didn't like the cold 
as much so Mom got a coat for me
Now you've got my attention. 
Treats are something I really like.
After all that cold I like to curl up 
by the stove and have a sleep.
Mom says that carrots are good for me.
This is my good side but that sun 
bothers my eyes a bit,.

So now tell me, aren't I just the 
handsomest dog you ever saw ? 

So spring finally arrived and a nice run
on the beach is just what a dog needs.
Something went through here.
Hey Sally check this out.
Nope, that water is too cold for me.
Now it's treat time.
Well I just wanted to let
you folks know that 
!! I can swim !!
I knew how to do it all the time but 
I just didn't want to get wet.
OK Mom let her go, I'm ready.
OK Ok throw it.
Hey where did it go ?
Sally I saw it first.
See I can swim
Opps I kind of lost it there.
Look at her go after that stick.
I'll just wait here for her to bring it back.
Come on Sally I want it.
OH well if she wants it that bad 
she can have it.
OK that's enough of that.
See you all later.
We went back to the beach again and 
I thought I would try that 
swimming again.
Sally always seems to get to
the stick first.
I might get it first this time.
I guess I'm not as graceful as Sally.
I don't like getting my face wet.
A little practice and I seem 
to be doing better.
Well folks, another winter has come and gone and
now it's time to enjoy the warm weather.
I think I'll learn to swim better this summer.
OK I'm ready to give it a try.
I sure hope that water isn't cold.
Yep it sure is cold. I better get 
that thing and get out quick
No way Sally. 
 I told you I would get to it first. 
 Let's get out where it's warm. 
 This is a good place to put it down. 

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