Our hike to Cape Split Nova Scotia

In my 49'th year I decided it was time for a visit to Cape Split
My wife Sharon and her sister and brother in-law joined us.
Cape Split is one of the nature's wonders of Nova Scotia but is unknown by many.



The above aerial views of Cape Split are compliments of the 
Nova Scotia Museum Image Collection, Heritage Resource Services, Nova Scotia Museum.

The first view show Cape Split at low tide.
The second is a view looking South West towards the Minas Channel

Visit their web site to view other great pictures of Nova Scotia.
At this site you can search for any location or image in Nova Scotia.

You can also view these and other images of Hants County by clicking here.

The map below shows the location of this wonder of nature.


I have to first of all apologize for the quality of the images on this page.
They were taken almost 20 years ago and at that time digital photography wasn't what it is today.
I used a Snappy to capture the images from a low quality VHS video.

Our trip began with a camping trip at the Lookoff Campground which is indicated on the map

Click on the images below to view their web page.


The Lookoff Campground
The Gift Shop at the Lookoff Camp Ground


This is the view of the Annapolis Valley from the Lookoff Campground


The trail is approximately four miles long and it took us two hours to reach the Cape.

We are up for an early morning start.
That's the gang at the departure site.
Their idea of early morning and mine were a bit different.
However we did get going.
Sharon waiting for the stragglers.
There was a bit of mud around that morning.
The trail wasn't what we expected.
Stopping for a much needed rest.
You climb to 800 feet in a half a mile.
It took almost an hour to reach the top of the ridge.
This the view across the Minas Basin to the Parrsboro shore of Nova Scotia.
This trail is on private property and a warning sign was posted.
This is one of the reasons for the warning sign.
The trail at this point follows the edge of the cliff
and had no barriers for protection.
It took a little over two hours to get here.
It was well worth the effort.The scenery was second to none.
Looking towards the Annapolis Valley and the North Mountain.
The rip currents are very strong at the Cape.
Looking back towards Scots Bay.
This portion of the trail is owned by the Province of Nova Scotia
More of the scenery at the Cape.
This is what it was all about.
These rocks are almost dry at low tide.
The tides are in the 50 foot range here.
The rest of the crew arrive.
Time for a lunch break.
We are all ready to head back.
Someone decided to take a picture of me.
I'm ready to hit the trail.
And we are off.

That completes our tour of Cape Split.
I only wish that I would have the time and energy to do it again.

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The following is a Early History of Scotts Bay Nova Scotia which was
                                 provided to me by Allen L Jess  of Sherwood Park, AB

 From "History of Scotts Bay, Nova Scotia" by Abram E. Jess, Deputy Registrar of Probate
 for Kings County, Kentville, Nova Scotia.01 July 1941:

George Jess, Jr. died on February 2nd, 1851 at Scotts Bay and was buried in the Pingree Burying Ground, but after the Public Cemetery was opened his remains were removed there and a tombstone erected.  His widow died in 1878 and is buried beside him.
His will is dated August 21st, 1850 and Probate was granted on April 28th, 1851, the Executors 
being Daniel Jess and Edward Loveless.
In his Will he first disposes of the Cape Split property by giving a lot of one hundred acres to 
each of his [nine] children, beginning at Joseph Steele's west line [the west property of the 
original Jess homestead (19 June 1792 to 24 Mar 1817)], the first lot is given to William, being seventy rods wide, and running the Cape; the next lot is to George, seventy rods wide; the next to 
Elizabeth, seventy rods wide; the fourth is to David, seventy rods wide; the fifth to Leander, 
seventy rods wide; the sixth to Sarah, seventy rods wide; the seventh to Ann, seventy-five rods 
wide; the eighth to Daniel, eighty rods wide; and the ninth to Joseph, eighty-five rods wide; the 
remainder of the Cape land, called in the Will, No. 10, was given to George and Joseph, called 
three hundred acres; but on the survey being made when dividing this lot on the point of 50 acres which was never divided.  He reserved a strip of land six rods wide along the 
south line of the lots from Joseph Steele's southwest corner to the southwest corner of Daniel's lot for the purpose of a road for the benefit of all whose land it adjoined. 
He left to Daniel 15 acres north of the brook between his south line and Elizabeth's north line 
and two acres of marsh to David and Leander.
He then left the homestead [26 Oct 1830] to his two sons, George L. and Joseph, subject to 
certain provisions for the maintenance and support of his minor children who at that time were George L., Joseph, Sarah, David, Leander and Ann.
The witnesses to his Will were Joseph E. Corkum, John T. Rogers and Isaac Loomer.
The men appointed by the Probate Court to make an Inventory of his Estate were Abraham C. Ells and Joseph Steele; the values are set down in Pounds, Shillings and Pence.


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