Darlings Island

Since the new Trans Canada Highway has been open all visitors to the covered bridges in Kings County will have to be redirected to route 10 (old TCH) except for Hammond River #2 and Darlings Island where route # 1 can still be used. Redirection can be done by exiting the new TCH at
Mill Cove (exit 347) or at Sussex Exit 36

This bridge is located on Darlings Island Road, off Route 1 at Nauwigewauk.
Howe Truss
Name: Darlings Island.
Span: 137', Length: 140'5"
Year Built: 1914.

This is a good example of what the Province of New Brunswick
is doing to preserve our covered bridges.
The covered bridge is still open to traffic for those who want to drive through it but a new stone and concrete was constructed in 1996 along sideof it to carry the ever increasing traffic in the area.

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