This little page shows our New Porch
as it is being build on our Summerville Home

Construction started on May 23 and was finished on June 27
Since I'm not a carpenter and don't have a lot of experience in
these type of projects it was quite a challenge.
It is being built as close as possible to the local building codes.

I would also like to point out that I received a lot of advice from a good friend
Glendon Sanford who is 82 years old and has built many building that are standing today.
The construction methods are those used 50 years ago.

The digging starts.
May 23
The floor sills and joists are laid.

I used rough lumber which is considerably cheaper and stronger then the finished lumber of th same size.

May 25
That concrete step turned out to be 2 feet thick and is staying where it is.
May 25
The joists are down and the floor is started.
You can see that the old porch isn't completely removed yet.
May 27
The floor is finished.
May 28
The walls are started.
May 29
The walls are completed.
May 29
May 29
The windows are framed in.
The porch is going to have three large windows and two doors.
May 30
The doors are framed in.
May 30

The rafters are started.
2x6 on 16 inch centers is what is required in this area.
June 1
I used rafters instead of trusses as this will give me a good dry inside storage space.
June 1
The rafters are all up and ready 
for the roof to be boarded in.
June 3
And they are tied together.
June 3
June 3
By noon the roof was half boarded in.
June 4 AM
At the end of the day it was 
completely boarded in.
June 4 PM
June 4 PM
The ends of the roof boards are trimmed.
June 5
The trim boards are installed on the gable ends.
I'm starting to get a rubber arm from all the nailing.
June 5
The faser boards are installed.
June 5
The roof from the inside.
June 5
One wall is now boarded in.
My rubber arm is getting worse.
One pile of 2 1/2" nails have been driven so far.
June 6 AM
Another pound of nails and the 
front wall is boarded in.
June 6 PM
The gable end is boarded in.
June 7 Am 
June 7 AM 
The other wall is now boarded in. 
June 7 PM
This is the day I've been waiting for.
The roof shingles are going on
but first the tar paper. 
June 8
One side is finished.
June 8
Now the other side.
June 8
Then the cap is installed.
June 8
After taking a few days off, 
it's back to work on the porch.
The windows were installed today.
These windows are 140 years old
and are still in good shape.
June 11
The doors are installed.
This door is the only thing that is of current 
vintage that was  used in the porch and is the only 
thing that I had to use caulking to seal.
June 12
Back at the outside today.
The shingling is started.
June 16
Sharon is starting to put the stain on.
Of course Buddy has to give her instructions.
June 16
This is a days work.
I learned why houses aren't shingled any longer.
It's a slow process.
June 16 
The shingling of the front is getting underway 
and more painting is done.
June 17
Working on the gable end.
June 17
That red bucket sure saved a lot of trips 
up and down the ladder.
June 17
Sharon wanted her bell by the door.
June 17
It makes a nice door bell.
June 17
I have just the one side left to shingle and 
some trim and it's finished.
June 17
Well It's just about finished.
June 18
Some more trim to do and finish the painting.
June 18
Today I made the window screens.
because of the age of the windows nothing 
could be bought to fit.
June 20
The other side got painted today.
June 21
Sharon hard at working painting the front.
June 23
It was hard on the legs working from the ladder.
June 23
We're getting there.
June 23
The front is just about finished.
June 23
Now the trim is finished
June 23
A few more little things to do and the project is completed.
June 23
We think it fits in real nice with the garden.
June 23
  For all you folks that have been following our progress on a regular basic you will
probably realize by now 
that it was one month to the day that we 
started the porch.
June 26
This is what the inside of the new porch looks like.
Sharon wanted a small window box
at the back windows.
June 27
The new window box got a paint job.
Another window box for the side window.
This is the view out the back windows.
And lastly the completed project.
One month and four days from the time it was started it's finished.
June 28
Sharon planted the flowers
in the window boxes today

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