We had this 75 year old combination Outhouse / Shed
on the property and were in need of another shed.
I thought I would try get a few more years out of it.
Completely rebuilding it was out of the question but
with some temporary repairs and a new roof we might
get a few more years out of it.
I had salvaged some galvanized steel roofing that was
on it's way to the landfill and a lot of old boards that
were supposed to end up there too.

This page will follow the work as it progresses.


The first step had to be to try and get the
old building level
April 21 2005
There is quite a tilt to it.
April 21 2005
The grape vines had taken over the back
April 21 2005
I screwed a block of wood to the side to
be used as a jacking point

The pile of lumber at the bottom of the picture
was salvaged from The Martock House,
Martock Hants Co. NS
This house was built in 1751 and an extension 
was added to the front around 1850.
The new owners are removing the original house
which was at the rear and leaving the 
1850 addition standing. So this pile of salvaged lumber
was from the original 1751 house.

April 21 2005
Then using a large block I jacked the front first
April 21 2005
The jack in place
April 21 2005
This got the front looking a bit better
April 21 2005
The back is next
April 21 2005
A view of the sheds from the back side
April 21 2005
I started the rear wall jacking form the center
April 22 2005
Then I moved to the corner
April 22 2005
After a days work things are starting to
look a bit better
April 22 2005
Just a bit more at the back end
April 22 2005
The grape vines sure make hard to work
at the back of the building
April 22 2005
These will have to be looked after next
April 22 2005
Things are starting to look a lot better
 April 29 2005
 The roof will probably be next on the list
 April 29 2005
 The grape vines will have to be moved 
 April 29 2005
 You can see that the back end is now level
 April 29 2005
I finally got back to this project again.
I got the strapping ready to out on the roof.
This will hold the galvanized steel roofing.
May 23 2005
May 23 2005
The back side of the roof is now strapped.
The next thing on the list is to install
the aluminum roofing on.
June 3 2005
The back side of the roof has the
aluminum roofing installed
June 8 2005
June 8 2005
The door are reinstalled.
I still need a bit of roofing and 
a coat of paint
July 5 2005
It took a while but I finally found some
good used roofing.
The roof is now finished and all I need is to
put a coat of paint on it.
August 14 2005


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