A quick look at the Quarry Pond Recreation Park
at Kempt Shore Nova Scotia

The park was build a number of years ago by local residents at the
site of an old abandoned gypsum quarry.
I was told that the water is about 90 feet deep in the center and
that some of the machinery used in the quarry operation is still
at the bottom. It couldn't be removed when the quarry
flooded approximately 50 years ago.

For those wanting to visit this great swimming and exploring
site the following map should help you find it.


Looking down the lake from 
the parking lot.
This is the main swimming area.
There are plenty of picnic tables
at this area.
Leaving after a days swim.
This is the area where my black lab
Sally used to love to swim.
The back side of the lake.
There is a walking trail around the lake.
The last time I looked at the trail was was pretty well grown over.
The following pictures were taken
as we walked around the lake.
This is the main swimming area


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A Nova Scotia Snow Storm Hits Summerville

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