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Sharon and I have been sailing the Northumberland Strait for the past 14 years.
We have been to almost every port within 100 miles of our home port Pointe Du Chene on Shediac Bay.
We have spent many night tied up along side of a fishing boat on in one of the marinas on the strait.
Buddy joined the crew two years ago and loves sailing as much as we do.
These pictures were taken over the last 15 years and I hope you enjoy them.

Well  it finally happened.
Windshift has been sold.
After 14 years of sailing we have decided that we would like to try something different.
We have moved to Nova Scotia .
We have a house that was built in 1873 and that is taking a lot of our time.
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Windshift sailing in
Shediac Bay
  Pointe Du Chene Marina
  The marina at sunset
 Sunset on Shediac Bay
 Windshift at her berth in the
  Du Chene Marina
 I won't go up there
 Under full sail
 A storm is brewing
 That's me at the helm
 Sharon at the helm
 A little more interesting
 That wasn't so bad
 Sailing under the Confederation Bridge to PEI
 Sharon waving as we pass
 under the bridge
  She sure is a big bridge

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