Welcome to the First Year of the
  the Life of Sally

Sally began her life story on February 3 2000
She moved in with us on March 17 2000

The following pictures will show you how she has
grown into a Beautiful Black Lab.


Well here I am folks. I'm now 1 year old.
I wasn't sure I was going to make it but I did.
Dad says that I'm a big girl now and have to act like one.
That isn't going to be any fun at all.
Maybe I'll just pretend to be good when he's around.

He took all these pictures of me as I was growing up and now
he wants everyone else to see them.
I am quite cute though, don't you think ???

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This is when I first met my big brother Buddy.
He's pretty good to me
Wasn't I a cute puppy ????
I'm only 8 weeks old here
I love them Chewzee, still do
They take that bad puppy breath away
and keep my teeth clean
Well this is a strange place. 
They call it Mom's garden.
I bet I can get in trouble out here
I wonder what went through here
You know that labs have real good noses
OH what a beautiful day !!!!!!!!!!!
I just love walking in the garden
I also like just sitting looking around
I stay out of trouble that way
See how innocent I can be when I want to.
There trying to make me learn to swim
Boy did I catch on to that one fast
I spend a lot of time on the boat in the summer.
Someone has to guard it.
As you can see I caught on to that swimming thing.  That brother of mine doesn't seem to care for it though. Sometimes I can't figure him out.
Up to his belly and that's it.
Hay Buddy ,your going the wrong way
OK Mum, What's for dinner ????
Dad says I have to learn how to check my own E mail but I like just playing games on this thing
Another Friday night on the boat
I think they are down below partying
Come on Dad, take me for a walk on the beach
OH back in the garden again
Here I am just laying around enjoying the sun.

I'm almost 4 months old now

I'm not just another pretty face you know
This was when they took Buddy and I on the trip to Ontario to meet my cousins, Magin and Jessy
Now staying in a motel can be no fun. Dad said I have to be a good puppy or I will have to sleep in the Jeep
Well I took it as long as I could.
Jumping beds is real fun
Next year Dad is going to teach me to drive this thing
He said he might buy me my own car
when I get older
Don't try to sneak up on me. I see you there.
How's this for a tong ?
Dad just loves my tong.
Well I guess I'm a big dog now.
I'm 10 months old but really don't feel it.
This pose is just to fool them
The snow is deep but this new thing 
Dad has me doing sure is fun
OK Where did it go ????
OH There it is
This is my good side
How's this for a cute puppy ?
OK So now I'm one year old.
I don't feel one bit different
Boy we had a lot of snow this winter.
Would you just look at the back yard
I wonder where Dad put the Frisbee
Now that's better.
OK !!! I'm bringing it back.
He makes me go so fast
Then I have to jump real high to catch it
And then bring it back again.

I know what you are thinking but I am a Black Lab you know. What do you expect
a Black Lab look like in the white snow

This could go on all day but my 
Dad says he gets cold


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