Welcome to the Old Houses of Summerville Nova Scotia. I hope you enjoy your visit

     This page is a Picture tour of
Older Houses that are still standing in

     Summerville Hants County
Nova Scotia
This is my small effort to help preserve the
History of Summerville

All the houses shown are at least 100 Years Old and most are still occupied

A special note.
        This page could not have been written without the help of our local historian
and genealogists Ted Sanford Many thanks to Ted and all his hard work researching these houses.
If you can get a copy of his book "A Land History of Summerville" it make for some very interesting reading.

Also note that all the pictures on this page are public domain and may be used by anyone for any purpose.
I have larger copies of these pictures and if you would like one please contact me.

This page was last updated on Feb 5, 2017

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Click on the image for a larger view
This is the Oldest House still standing in Summerville. 
It was built around 1835
Summerville from the air

Summerville is a Great Place to View the Power of the Bay of Fundy Tides.
They rise and fall almost 50 ft at Summerville.
There are two Great Spots to View these tides and both 
are FREE and as we all know

The area was at one time known as Black Rock because of this rock just off shore
This was the site of the Armstrong Shipyard and the Government Wharf
When this rock was half uncovered it was considered safe to sail from the wharf
This tide chart shows the height of the tides in this area.

Today Summerville is a quite community on the
banks of the Avon River but it has a very interesting past.
It was originally founded  in 1784 by Captain John Grant,
a United Empire Loyalists.
It was one of the major shipbuilding centers on the
Minas Shore and a important gypsum producer.
It had two very active wharfs which the remains of are still visible.
At it's height it was the major employer in the area.
For a brief history of Summerville click here and
to view Summerville as it used to be

I have a request to make.
If anyone viewing this page has any old pictures of Summerville
I would love to have a copy of them.
I am working on a History Page of Summerville and would like to add
some pictures of Summerville the way it used to be.
You can E Mail them to me at
John MacDonald

How to find Summerville N.S.

Summerville is located along the eastern shore of the beautiful Avon River
on Nova Scotia's Glooscap Trail, highway 215

I realize that this web page is about the Old Houses of Summerville
but two of our ladies have just received a great honor.
I thought I would share it with you.


Mrs. Hazel Dill has been principal of the
Dr. Arthur Hines Elementary School for the past 6 years.
Her dedicated work has earned her the 
recognition she so rightly deserves and has received 
The Golden Jubilee Metal

Photo compliments of "The Regional MAGAZINE"

The Wharf Road, 
The Nunn Road, 
The Cajun Creek Road
The Nunn Crossroad


This house was built before 1869
as a Way Station.
It was attached to the Avon Emporium in
recent years
Built by Joshua Poulson about 1860
Built By Daniel Smith and sold to 
Joseph Marsters in 1881
Built by George Crossley about 1874
This building was the Summerville School
and was built in 1883.
It now houses the Summerville Fire dept.
Built by Captain Benjamin Edgar Sanford 
in 1888
Built by Daniel Smith about 1886
Built by Jonathan Bradshaw
Built by James Nunn in 1899
Built for Abbie Scott about 1897
Built by James Nunn for his older brother, 
Thomas about 1870
 This house was a Bradshaw house but the 
exact date it was built is unknown
Built by Alfred Wilkens about 1900
 Built by William H. Harvey about 1872
Built by for George Vaughan in 1870

The Main 

The Avon Emporium and the Shipwright Inn
This part of the building was built in 1869
Built by Rev. Benjamin Vaughan
a Baptist minister in 1862
This house was moved about 500 ft 
to it's present location in 1956
Built by Alex Young about 1871
This building was the old community hall. 
It was built about 1892.
It now is the new home of the Riverwind Gallery


Built for Fred Mosher in 1882
 This house was always known locally as 
"the Bungalow"
It was built by Everett Lake and was moved to
this location from Lower Summerville
around 1920.
Built for Capt. Thomas Card about 1850
Read the interesting history of
Capt. Thomas Card
This house is located on the Mucgrove Road
It was built by James Brown in 1851
Built for Capt. Allen Macumber about 1850
This house is presently under reconstruction
by Casimer and Doris Hagmann
   Built by William Harvey about 1876
Built around 1864 but the exact date is unknown
This house also has an unclear history 
but could have been built around 1877
Built for Stephen Marsters about 1877

  Hobart's Wharf Road

Built by Daniel Caldwell about 1864
The local post office was run from this house for
40 years by Lewis and Winnie Crossley.
They retired a few years ago and the post office was
moved to the Avon Emporium
Built by Terence Caldwell about 1870
Built by George Mosher about 1897
Built by Terence Caldwell about 1875

Marsters Road

Built by James W Marsters about 1873
This property and the Mosher property 
below were sold two day apart.
This one on November 10 1873 and 
the Mosher property on November 8 1873.
It's interesting that this was a 
Saturday and a Monday
Both were bought from Daniel Marsters.
Both houses have had many changes
made to them over the years.
Have a look at our home in Summerville
Built by Henry Mosher about 1873
Built by George Marsters about 1897 
This property was also bought
from Daniel Marsters

Lower Summerville

Built by Thomas Byard Mosher about 1890
 Built by John Rod Pratt. 
The exact year of construction is unknown.
Built by William McNealy about 1853
This is the oldest house that is still
standing in Summerville and was 
built by Benjamin Burgess around 1835
Built by Charles Jerimiah Card about 1850
Built by William Musgrove about 1875
This house has undergone extensive
renovations in the past few years.
Built by Richard Card about 1847 

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