Welcome to Sharon's Garden

These pictures show Sharon's Garden in the Summer of 2004


A few people have asked how are strawberries were doing this year.
This is the first picking on July 10.


Again this year many of our visitors are searching for pictures of grapes.
The follow show how are grapes are doing as of August 14.
It looks like another good crop.

May 13 2004
May 13 2004
One of the new additions to
Sharon's Garden this season 
It is called a Garden Folly and the idea came 
from friends of ours from Australia.
Another addition to the garden this summer is a Lighthouse.
The Garden Folly has lots of color.
July 18
The Lighthouse garden is filling in nicely.
July 16 
May 16 2004
May 16 2004
Sharon has always wanted a Rose Trellis 
and now she has one.
Click here to view the Pallet Woodshed being built.
June 16 
The Garden walkway way finished.
That side hill always looked bare.
That my new woodshed in the background.
It was built using wooden pallets.
June 18
Little Boo Peep and her sheep under the honeysuckle
 Sharon has been working on 
for a number of years.
It finally seems to be coming around.
This honeysuckle bush is estimated to be 130 years old.
It was in terrible shape before Sharon 
started working on it.
 June 19
 The Early Golden Plum has almost doubled 
in size since last year.
Sharon has started a new rock garden 
at the front of the house.
 The yellow irises are starting a bit late this year.
The peonies are also a bit behind.
 The quince did much better after it was pruned.
It had been neglected for many years.
Everything is about a week late this year
including the snowball bush.
Click on the image for a larger view. This will open in a new window
The strawberries patch was enlarged 
quite a bit this season.
The Wageelias are so pretty and dainty.
Click on this image for a larger view.
 June 20
The old hay rake was moved this season and
Sharon has planted some gourds near it.
Hopefully they will climb up on the rake.
Sharon made a hedge using sedum and 
a few other plants.
We are making a rock garden around the light house.
Trying to keep the birds out of the strawberries.
She also put a bird net over them.
June 30
These small gardens are at the driveway entrance.
They both are coming along nicely.
Click on this image for a larger view
Click on this image for a larger view
The Peonies are about 4 days behind last years 
but they are much nicer this year.
Click on the image for a larger view.
The Clamatic is in full bloom on July 7 
Now that one really grew.
July 16
The Roses are looking nice.
July 16
Sharon tried some Caster Beans this year.
July 16
The Caster Beans on Sept 5 
The Poppies in the front garden are in full bloom
July 18

The following are a series of pictures that Sharon took during the months of July and August

 Two weeks later
The Gourgs did real good this season 
These pictures were taken on October 1 and
reflect the late season 

Well that's it for this year. We hope you enjoyed your visit to
Sharon's Garden and we hope you will check us out next season.
To continue on this page you will view the garden in it's first year.

Now that you have completed this part of your perhaps you
would like to your comments along to us 

Click here to go to Page 1 and see the garden in the spring
and the early blooms
Things have really come a long way since then.
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