Welcome to Sharon's Garden

Well Spring has finally arrived and Sharon is at it again.
She has two projects well underway so far this season.


The first project was a new walkway
at the front of the house.
 April 23
May 1
The new front garden is starting to look like a garden
May 12
This is the beginning of the well garden last fall
Oct 11 2004
Then something that was in the planning 
stages since last summer.
 April 23
A nice little pond but no fish this time
 April 23
That duck just decided to drop in
 April 23
 April 23
The new pond it starting to look good
 May 1
A little more green would be nice 
 May 1
 May 1
 May 1
 May 1
 May 1
The well garden is really coming along nicely
May 12
May 12
The tiger lilies are up early this season
May 12
One of my favorite places in the yard
May 12
 The new front garden is starting to show some nice color
 June 2
 June 2
 After all the rain we have had in the past few weeks everything is filling out nicely
 June 2
The tiger lilies are doing fine again this year
 June 2
 Sharon's walkway has really added 
something to the back garden
 June 2
 June 2
 Tulips, Tulips and , more tulips
 June 2
 June 2
 June 2
The pear tree in full bloom
June 3
June 3
The new front garden is changing every day
June 8
 June 8
Seeds of our Friendship Bloom Here
 June 8
The Strawberries are showing signs of a good crop
 June 19
The Tiger Lilies are just about ready to bloom
 June 19
Another view of the new stone walkway
 June 19
Another view of the new stone walkway
 June 19
The Tiger Lilies
 June 19
 June 19
 June 19
Under The Honey Suckle
 June 19
Sharon decided to try some high bush blue berries.
They were planted last year and will have 
fruit this season
June 19
The front garden is coming along nicely
June 19
June 19
June 19
June 19

It's June 26 and the first weekend of the Summer.
Sharon wanted to show everyone haw things had turned out
so she took the camera and walked around the garden.


A new addition to the deck
The Peonies are right on schedule this year
The hay rake has become the home of the 
tomato plants
 The new home for the tomatto plants
The tiger lilies are just about read to bloom
The stone walkway look so peaceful
The side garden is filling in but a lot of the plants have been moved to a better location with more light.
The High Bush Blueberries are
going to bear fruit this year
The weeping willow seems to get bigger every year 
 It's hard to believe what a change 
can take place in ten day.
All the flowers are in bloom now.
The following pictures were taken on July 5
The tiger lilies are just about ready to bloom
The stone walkway is surrounded by flowers
The purple and white bell flowers 
seem to growing everywhere
Those purple and white bell flowers again
And again
The Pinks are starting to come to life
It's July 19 and almost another three weeks
has passed and the garden is doing extreamly good. It seems all the wet weather followed by the sun really helped this year.
The Rose bush is really showing it's colors
Buddy is checking to make sure everything is OK
Yep, things are just fine
TheWishing Well garden always looks nice.
The bear spot under the Hunnysuckle
is now a small garden.
That old wheelbarrow is put to good use
The Sedum and Rudbeckia are 
lining the side of the road
Look at those tomato plants grow.
I think putting them by the old hay rake helped.
Sharon is trying to make the Pallet Woodshed
look a bit nicer by adding a Folly
Now to have a look at the back yard and 
the Old Windmill
The Mallow is going through the roof
The grape vines have taken over the trellis this year.
The lighthouse is marking the high bush blue berries
Looking out back towards the Avon River
 Well it's August 6 and the garden is at 
the height of it's summer beauty.
The Caster Beans are really surprising us this year 
Just look at the size of those leaves.
the flowers will be out any day now.
You cas see that we are going to have a good grop 
of grapes this year.
Sharon has spent a good deal of time on the new front
garden this season and it has paid off.
Everything is just do full and beautiful
including the old wheelbarrow
If you look closely you will notice Poppies everywhere.
They grow like weeds in our yard but are so nice Sharon
just leave most of them there.
The Scarlet Runners have taken over the wood shed
The climbing roses are finally showing some life.
In a year or so they should cover this side of the shed.
Those Poppies again
The Hollyhawks surprised me this summer
Next to the lighthouse is where the blueberries are planted.
We have been picking some in the second season.
Sharon added two more blueberry plants this summer.
 These are a few pictures taken on August 10
The CanaLilys have just one bloom so far
but it's a beauty
The Caster Beans are just about ready to flower
These Lilies are at the front of the house 
and greet all our visitors
August 20 is here and things still have lots of color
The stately Hollyhock
Standing guard
The caster bean is flowering again
It's going to be a good season for the gapes.
It is now September 3 and things still look good
The well garden turned out quite nice.
This is the first season for it
The Caster Beans are really looing good.
Sharon found a new home for them this year
and it suited them fine
 September 11
We have had a number find our page while 
searching for Caster Bean Flowers.
Ours are now in Full Bloom
September 22
Caster Beans
Caster Beans
Caster Beans
Sharon thought that the Caster Beans
got a bit tall this year.
Caster Beans

Come back soon and often.
The season is only half over.
There is a lot more to see this season

Now that you have completed this part of your perhaps you
would like to your comments along to us 


Click here to go to Page 1 and see the garden in the spring
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Things have really come a long way since then.
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