Welcome to Sharon's Garden

Sharon's Garden in it's first year 2003

A few people have asked how are strawberries were doing this year.
This is the first picking on July 10.

The following are a series of pictures that Sharon took during the months of July and August


A number of people have come to this page by searching for pictures of grapes.
These pictures show our Grapes Sept 15 'th 2003
You can see that they are just starting to ripen
The last picture shows them on October 9 2003


Visit of Sharon's 
2004 Garden Pictures
Visit of Sharon's 
2005 Garden Pictures

The grapes are almost ready to pick. 
We need a good frost to finish them
and put the sweetness in.
October 9 2003

June 3'rd 2003
Thing are starting to fill in.
The tiger lilies are really coming along.
It still will be a while before they are in bloom though.
The Asparagus Fern got planted in the gazebo.
The grapes are slow this year
but they are starting to show some signs of life
A new little garden patch in the making.
Sharon is going to plant her morning glories.
Of course Buddy is supervising.
Little fingers at work.
The snowball tree is looking good.
We should have strawberries in a month or so.
Sharon found a white and purple lilac bush next door.
June 8'th 2003
The Cherry tree is showing it's colors. 
The Lilac's are in full bloom. 
Some of the smaller plants, like these
Garden Mums are doing fine. 
And the Iris's really look beautiful. 
The Violets are also helping to fill things in. 
June 13'th 2003
The main garden is really looking good.
Those Tiger Lilies are just about ready to bloom.
The Quince is finally in blossom.
They are always late around here.
The Morning Star are looking good.
As are the Johnny Jumpups
The Solomseals
You have to look up from below to really see them. 
Some of the other flowers are looking like it's summer too.
The snowball bush is in all it's glory.
Now just look at those strawberries.
We are going to have a good crop this year.
  June 22 2003
The main garden
The columbine are really coming along good.
Double Impatience set in a box garden.
Yellow Irises in full bloom.
Petunias and begonias
Sharon hard at work.
The Tiger Lilies and wageelias.
The grape vines are looking good.
This is going to be our vegetable plot.
It should be planted tomorrow.
June 23 2003
The Peonies are now in bloom
I always felt that they were the most beautiful 
flowers of our garden.
I a few days they will all be out but it's a shame they stay for such a short time.
June 24 2003
What a difference a day can make.
They are almost all in bloom.
This is where Sharon likes to sit and read
June 26 2003
Two days later and they are all open.
July 3 2003
These Clematis are eight years old and were brought here from Sharon's garden in Moncton.
This is the first year that they bloomed.

They like us must like it is Summerville.

Maltese Cross 
A mix of White and Purple Bell flowers
They look real good together
Sharon is going to try and grow some watermelons.
July  10'th 2003
The Clematis is doing real well and is in full bloom. 
Other flowers in the garden 
The main garden is filling in nicely 
The side garden
Those tiger lilies are taking their good old time to bloom 
The side garden
The side garden 
These Poppies all of a sudden came to life.
The Pink Rose bush is going to be in full bloom in a few days 
July  11'th
The Tiger Lilies finally bloomed
It took quite a while this year but the wait was worth it.
July  16'th
We built a trellis for the grape vines that were 
climbing in the lilac bush.
The Lilac bush is going to get an aggressive pruning. 
Sharon starting the pruning. 
The Tiger Lilies are in full bloom.
It took them a while this season but it was worth it.
July  17'th
The grapes are doing very good this year.
We lifted the runners and placed them on frames and they really took off.
Sharon is transplanting some black berry canes.
They were coming up everywhere.
Another small garden patch.
July 18'th
The Scarlet Runners are slow but finally starting to bloom.
They are running on the front fence. 
Zinnias in a hanging planter. 
July 24'th
The Double Impatience with 
Poppies in front make a nice scene.
They have really come a long way in a month.
The front deck
July 27'th
The grapes are really starting to take off.
We should have a bumper crop this year.
The Holly Hocks are doing real well.
The Malva peaking it's face out.
Sharon doing her morning walk around
We found the the grapes were spreading real fast
and were covering the trail to the yard next door.
I thought that this was the best way to solve the problem.
I call it my Grape Tunnel.
Sally thinks it was a good idea too.
Sept 15'th
The Morning Glories add a lot of color this late in the season
Sharon is expanding the strawberry patch for next season.
It did so good this year we thought we would double it's size.
She is giving the plumb tree a bit of TLC.
Well that's it for this year. We hope you enjoyed your visit to
Sharon's Garden and we hope you will check us out next season.
To continue on this page you will view the garden in it's first year.

Now that you have completed this part of your perhaps you
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Click here to go to Page 1 and see the garden in the spring
and the early blooms
Things have really come a long way since then.
Visit of Sharon's 
2004 Garden Pictures
Visit of Sharon's 
2005 Garden Pictures
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