A Brief History of Early Summerville Nova Scotia

Last updated on  Feb 5 2017
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A special thanks to Janine Legere, Lower Burlington, granddaughter of Edith Mosher for
donating this and many other pictures of early Summerville and the surroundings area.

The Summerville Mens Club

Front Row from Left to Right:  Wilf Olgivie, John Olgivie. Wilson Allen, Charley Terfry, Alton Terfry, John McDonough,
Leland Brown, Clinton Underwood.
Second Row from Left to Right: Harry Ralph, Ken Dodge, Dick Britain, (The Mininster), Ralph Marsters, Ray Mosher, 
Bill Davis, Ray Dalyrumple, Ernie Mosher
Third Row form Left to Right: Ted Sanford, Harold Olgivie, Arch Lake, Charlie Underwood, Louie McDonough, Joe Caldwell,
Fudd Olgivie, Cyril Marsters

 Summerville School Class 1896
 Summerville Sunday School Class "Year unknown"
 Summerville School Class 1909/1910
 Summerville Sunday School Class "Year unknown"
Summervilles School 1922/23
The Road Through Summerville and Young's Store

 Armstrong Descendents 1880
 At The Barn John Grant House
 Bloomfield Farm
 Edith Mosher, Doris Dodge, Ray Mosher, Ken Dodge, 
Lewis Dodge, May Dodge
 Edith Mosher
 Ernie Mosher
 Ernie Mosher
 Hazel Mosher and Rennie
 Karen Rick on right, Cararlyn Smith 1968
 Lewis Dodge 1917
 Lewis Dodge and Edith Mosher cutting wood 1928
Cogmagun School Class 1920 and Center Burlington Class 1935
 Loyal Hill Church, Edith Mosher and Lewis Dodge 1928
 Mosher Family Picture
 Mosher Family Picture with Ernie Mosher
 Mosher Family Picture
 January on the Farm
 Mosher Family Picture
Rita Dodge in the center of the picture
Riverside School 1943 and 1946

Roy Marsters, Lynn, MA. USA submitted the following pictures
to the site. The names of those that are known are shown

Morris Marsters with son Roy Marsters
Roy, Morris's Son, Daisy, Morris's Wife and Morris Marsters
Morris Marsters
Morris Marsters, Mary Marsters, Morris's Daughter and Roy Marsters
Eula Marsters
Morris Marsters with unkonown buddies
Summerville Government Wharf
Nettie (Sanford) Marsters
Rolland Marsters with unknown girl.
Nettie (Sanford) Marsters
Rolland Marsters with unknown friend
Nettie (Sanford) Marsters standing in front of house on Nunn Road
Nettie (Sanford) Marsters 
Rolland Marsters

Photo contributors
Cyril Masters Summerville, Nova Scotia
Mark Kean Thunder Bay, Ontario
George Fuller Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pauline Sanford Center Burlington, Nova Scotia
Janine Legere Lower Burlington, Nova Scotia
Roy Marsters Lynn, MA. USA

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