Hi I'm  John   and this is Ann 
We live in Summerville Nova Scotia.
I moved to our summerhouse from Moncton New Brunswick Canada about 14 years ago.
We both have many interests. In the summer Ann's garden takes a good deal of time but we did find it
possible to spen 98 nights in our motor home the first season we had it and about the same each season after that.

Let me take a moment to tell how we ended up living in Summerville
and how our life has changed since we moved here.

I bought our home in Summerville 14 years ago in 1999.
For the first couple of  years it was used as a retreat from my hectic life in Moncton NB.
When I retired 2001 I moved here permanently.
The transition from the city life to one of living in the country was quite a change for me.
I have met many of the local people and have made a number of good friends.
They have all helped in the changes that we found were necessary to
enable us to enjoy country living.

Although some people find this difficult to do, and never really adapt to it, I with the
help of these local people had little or no problems adjusting to this new way of life.
There was so much to learn in such a short time.
Little things like not waiting until September to try and buy your
firewood or the proper way to put wood in a stove.
Yes there is a proper way to do this. Who would have ever though of that ?
There is even a proper way to stack it depending on whether it's under cover or not.

Fire wood is bought in the spring for next winter.
If not you could have a problem trying to find good wood as we know from last winter.
These may seem like small trivial matters to some but doing it the right way sure
makes things go easier.

Ann joined me in Summerville in in 2010 and has made many new friends and is liked by everyone she has met.
Musis is a big part of Ann's life and in this area she has many oppertunities to persue this
The results of her work have been, I think the nicest gardens in the area
and anyone who views it agrees with me.
She's bringing gardening to a new level in the area.
She has had many positive comments on her work.
All of our friends are welcome to visit it either through her web page or in person.

Both of our dogs Panda and Sally have adjusted quickly to the country living
and really enjoy the wide open spaces. In December 2012 we added a third member to our little family.
Maggie was another rescue.
She is a 4 year old minature poodle. She's a great dog and loves to get her own way.
One place that they really like is the Quarry Park which is
located in the next community of Kempt Shore.
I found this park quite by accident a couple of years ago.
This park is a real popular swimming area for the local people.
It's about the only good fresh water swimming available in the local area
and is enjoyed by folks from miles around.
It is also the local fire department's water source.
Another place that Panda and Sally like to swim at is the local beach.
When the tide is in it has good swimming for both dogs and people.

Sally and Panda are well behaved and are known by most of the
local people who really like them.
They are welcome to visit almost anyone in Summerville and do so on a regular basic.
Sally will be 14 years old this comming January and is doing fine but does tire fast.

I built a new porch on the back of the house and had a great deal of help from
one of the older residence of this area.
Without his expert knowledge the porch would not have turned out as good as it did.
My thanks go out to the late Glendon Sanford, an amazing 87 year old man.
The porch really helps in winter.
When Glendon told you how to do something it is done right the first time.

In summing up I want to mention that we really love Summerville and the
surrounding areas and plan on being here the rest of our lives.

Our house in Summerville Nova Scotia was built in 1873.
We have been spending a lot of time remodeling it.

My main hobby is computers. I got interested in PC's about twenty years ago.
I started with a 486 SX/25 but that machine lasted only a few months.
I then moved up to a 486 DX2/66 running Windows 3.11. From there I just kept on going.
Have things ever changed in the last few years.
I have been trying to learn Linux and have been doing fairly well at it.
I started working with web pages about eighteen years ago and have spent many hours writing them.
My page on The Covered Bridges of New Brunswick has done quite well with over 50,000 visitors
since it was first posted. It is the number one Covered Bridge site in Canada and has top ratings
in world.
My web pages on old cars and truck gets over 165,000 hits a month and has reached 17 million hits since I started it.
The pages on Summerville, which you are viewing one of right now, is viewed by past residents that are living all over the world today.

Updated Oct 2, 2013


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