River du Chute New Brunswick
   Then & Now

         This page hopes to show the changes that the building of the
         Beechwood Power Dam in 1958 and Trans Canada Highway
         in 1966 made to the community of River de Chute New Brunswick.
The pictures on this page that show River Du Chute as it was were provided
by Bill G. Terlecki

     The first set of pictures show what River de Chute was like before the building of the
    Beechwood Power Dam  and the construction of the Trans Canada Highway in 1967.
                              The second set shows what the area is like today.


There is an interesting book written by Bill G. Terlecki on River du Chute
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               The Beautiful Falls and Rapids
   This culvert was installed after Beechwood dam rose and  flooded the rapids area of River de Chute's mouth in 1958. 
In 1963 the covovered bridge was torn out and the
concrete bridge put in.
The St. John River ran right under the concrete bridge
untill 1967 when massive fill from the farmland hills  was dug out 
and filled in mouth and culvert built on top in 1967.


    The River de Chute Bridge 1923-1963
 Bill's grandfather Sam Marcus Bishop 
 and his mother who  just returned from 
 the army.
 Sam opened the first Customs office in
 River de Chute.
 Note the covered bridge in the background. 
  Bill's mother at a place that children were
  never allowed to go, the Mill Dam.
    Even though the kids couldn't go 
    there, she's on it again.
  The mill at River de Chute owned by
  C.R. Brittain. It was closed in Nov. 1, 1954 
  when it was bought by NB Power to make 
  way for the flooding of the 
  Beechwood Power Dam.
           The mill at River de Chute.
     Underwood Garage, owned and opperated
    by Bill's father until it closed on
    Nov 16 1959. The NB Government bought
    it in 1962 for the construction of the TCH.
         Underwood Garage. 
       Yes it's a Irving Service Station
         Yes there was a school in River de Chute.
        It started in the 1800's and it's last year of use
        was 1966. The building was moved in
        April 1967. 
        This picture was taken in 
        1974 and is of one of the three teacher
        sisters who taught at the school.
                 !!!!!! Now here's BILL !!!!!!
           Wasn't he a cute little fellow???
    The Bishop's General Store in the 1940's
    It closed in 1967 to move to a new location
    near the TCH.
    The post office was located here
    from 1947 to 1967.
  Bill's uncle in front of
  Bishop's General Store.
  He ran the store from 1946 to 1967.
   River de Chute in the 1940's showing 
   Dan Baird's Store. 

         The building of that Colvert in 1967


           Moving Day
     July 1967

              This is a major disruption 
              to the whole community.

       I guess the construction didn't stop everything.
  The pictures show above are compliments of 
Bill G. Terleckiab

        River de Chute Today

   This is the Only sign to show
  where the town was. It's on the TCH 
  above the Beechwood Dam.
  The Restaurant at River de Chute.
  A number of Bill's and his father's pictures
  of  River de Chute as it used to be hang 
  on the walls here.
    One of the few remaining buildings.
    It was the Bishop's General Store.
    It was built in 1898.
    The post office was located here
    from 1947 to 1967.
  The bridge abutment of the River de Chute 
  Covered Bridge.
    The bridge abutment of the 
River de Chute Covered Bridge.
The Covered Bridge was removed in 1963
and replaced with this concrete one the same year.
   This is where the old road used to be.
    The Mill Pond Today
    River de Chute as it looks today.
   No different then it might have looked
   100 years ago. 
   This part of the river  was always at this level.
   It was previously flooded by the mill dam and
   was the mill  pond.   The mill dam went
   out in 1957.
   But just don't turn and look around  and 
   expect to see anything that used to be there.
   Can't you just see the kids swimming there ???
   The old Road to Fredericton.
It was the only road to Fredericton on the west side 
of the Saint John River before the TCH was built.
    The old Road to Fredericton passing near 
   the near mill pond, blacksmith shop
   1927-1960 & Dan Baird store 1891-1950
   which were right at  waters edge.

   Hollis Baird the inventor of one of 
   the first Telivision sets lived here 
   before he mover to Boston in  1920.

       Site of Sam Bishop Sr. house
   The  remains of the temporary log bridge put 
   in while dismantling the covered bridge in 1963.
   This log bridge carried all the trafic to the rest 
   of the Martimes until the concrete bridge was
   built the same year.
    The gristmill sat at far right of photo,
    but deep under the TCH below warterline, 
    it burned in 1944.
    There was a grist mill at this site as far
    back as the 1830's.


     This view show how the Covered Bridge was 
     At least this part of the Covered Bridge 
     was left standing.

That was the way it was done in the past.
Now in 1999 our Dept. of Transportation does everything possibleto keep any and all Covered Bridges
that may be in need of replacement. In some cases the new right of way is built to one side of
the Covered Bridge and in others the bridge is moved to a new location. In any case the Covered Bridge is saved.
The most recent example is the Darlings Island Bridge which was replaced in 1996.
The Covered Bridge was kept open to those who still wanted to use it and a
new stone and concrete bridge was built to the side. This was not your regular concrete bridge
but a beautiful bridge in it's own right.
There are a number of others that have been saved and park area setup by them.
My web page shows all these bridges and what has been done with them.
My thanks goes out to the Province of New Brunswick and the Dept. of Transportation
for their efforts to save our Covered Bridges.
As one of our past  Minister of Transportation, Sheldon Lee  said
"We have no direct policy on saving the Covered Bridges of New Brunswick
but every effort is always made to keep them in good repair and save those that can
no longer be used in New Brunswick's transportation system They are part of our highway system"
If only they had thought that way in 1963.

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