Hartland Covered Bridge

This bridge is located in the village of Hartland off Route 2 (T.C.H.), between Routes 103 and 105 .
Howe Truss

This bridge is the  longest covered bridge in the world at 1,282 ft.
Year Built: 1921

Note # The original Hartland Bridge was built between 1898 and 1901.
It opperated as a toll bridge until 1907 when the New Brunswick Legislature passed an act to to
remove the tolls.
There is a lot of controversy about the date of construction of this bridge.
The original bridge was severely damaged in 1920 and was completely rebuilt including
new piers and abutments which would make the current bridge a new bridge with a construction
date of 1921.
There are many local people that want the date shown as 1898/ 1899 or 1901.
I will continue to show ot as 1921.

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