The Pallet Wood Shed
A good example of
Building with pallets

The following pictures show the end results.
A total of twenty five pallets were used so far which is
twenty five pallets that didn't go to the local landfill.
My total cost as of May 9 is $ 47

Please note that this shed has been in uses for 8 years and with
just a bit of repairs is as good as the day it was built.



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Building with recycled pallets

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This page was last updated on Sept 5, 2015

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A note about my shed.
It is now Feb 2014 and the shed is still standing and is good as ever.

Page One of "The Pallet Wood Shed"

You may also want to visit my Pallet shed page



After tearing down what we were storing
the wood in we were left with this.
April 9 2004
We will have to let this mess set for a week
or so until the ice melts so that the rest of 
it can be removed.
April 9 2004
We cleaned out the area for the 
new shed and leveled it.
April 14 2004
The floor pallets are put in place.
April 14 2004
The floor is ready to be tied together.
April 14 2004
The floor pallets are tied together.
April 14 2004
It doesn't look too nice but it is a wood shed
and I'm trying to use all the old wood I 
had laying around.
I have some old plywood which will be
put over the pallets for better footing.
April 14 2004
The walls are started using pallets on their ends.
April 14 2004
It's starting to look like a building.
April 14 2004
The lower walls are all standing.
April 15 2004
Now I have to level everything.
April 15 2004
Things are fairly level but will have to be 
done again once the ground dries up.
April 15 2004
The upper walls are started.
They are built the same way 
I built the Pallet Fence.
April 15 2004
The upper walls from the inside.
April 15 2004
The front and side are now finished.
April 15 2004
All the upper walls are in place.
April 15 2004
The doorway will be facing the
back door of the house.
April 15 2004
The top plate in added.
April 15 2004
The shed needs a bit more leveling but
that will come after things dry up and 
the ground settles.
April 15 2004
The ridge board and gable ends are started.
April 16 2004
I am going to use rafters instead of trusses.
April 16 2004
The roof rafters are started to be placed.
April 16 2004
 April 16 2004
The roof rafters are all in place.
 April 18 2004
 April 18 2004
The roof rafters are tied together
 April 18 2004
 April 18 2004
It is really starting to look like a shed.
April 18 2004
  The facer boards are put on the front.
 May 2 2004
The strapping was put on one side of the roof.
May 3 2004
That the steel roofing that I have gathered up so far.
May 3 2004
The galvanized steel roof is being installed.
 May 5 2004
I found some good used galvanized steel roofing.
 May 5 2004
 May 5 2004
 May 5 2004
I'm getting close to the end of the project.
I still have to do the gable ends and close the corners in.
I'm going to leave the pallets open on this shed.
Wood dries a lot better if the wind can blow through it.
May 5 2004
 The gable ends are closed in.
 May 7 2004
Now I have to put some trim boards on.
 May 7 2004
Sharon decided to make a garden folly on the end of the shed.
 May 10 2004
 This end of the shed is going to be shingled.
 May 10 2004
 The roofing is being finished today.
 May 10 2004
The back side of the roof is finished.
 May 10 2004
 The roof gets a coat of paint.
 May 10 2004
 Now to get those some trim boards on.
 May 10 2004
The Folly gets some paint and shingles.
 May 10 2004
Sally checking things out.
 May 10 2004
Sharon has just about finished the Garden Folly.
A great way to make the woodshed look a bit better.
 May 13 2004

I've heard comments that building with pallets is a bad idea because the wood used in them is not #1 grade and they will rot out quite quickly. Well this wood shed is 10 years old and is still in good shape.


People these days people are doing all kinds of things with pallets.
These two hutches are a good example.
That looks to me like about a half a dozen pallets
that didn't end up in the landfill.
The pictures were submitted through my facebook page on pallet building

These hutches were built by Candace & Jerry Holt 
The Rusty Nail of Leesville in Louisiana.
They are now in the process of building a garden shed.
These look very nice to me and I can see a few nice uses for them. 
How about at the cottage ???


Lyn Pierce of Leland North Caroline has started to build a Pallet Shed
He got the idea from my Pallet Shed.

Lyn is going to use plywood to tie the
floor pallets together 
Lyn now has the second row just about finished 
and has to tie the top pallets together.
Then comes the roof.
 The finished product.

Another of my visitors, Carley Karen from Granby, MA built a chicken
coop using pallets and had the following to say about it.

"I found your website about a year ago - this time - and it was really just what I was looking for.  I was ordering baby chicks in the spring and planning to use my summer to build their new coop - and seeing your projects sort of solidified the possibility in my mind of making it out of pallets and recycled stuff.  I had no building experience - but your pictures  - and a lot of books - helped me to put the thing together.  This summer I am planning on expanding their arrangement.
Aside from using pallets - I found windows and doors - and an old pressure treated wheelchair ramp  -- for lots of 2x6 and 2x8 lumber all used for the deck - at something called "freecycle"  -- it's an online recycling site.

Now aren't those just the luckiest chicks around ??

Pete from Canton, MO  USA sent in these pictures showing how he tries to save the environment.
He had the following to say:
"I love what you have done using pallets.  I have been using them for quite sometime and am amazed at how much use they are. 
I have attached some pic's of some of my structures.  My latest craze is using pallets and old large satellite dishes for roofs.  Also have used old truck canopies for the same purpose.   We freecycle a lot and get these items for free.   I got the siding from a friend who was having new put on their house 
and I took the old stuff." 


Tony Utterback from Arab Alabama has also built a shed
using pallets as the main building component


Ken Hoh of Walton, KY. has used pallets for some years now as a building material.
He just finished the chicken coup shown below and is planning a foot bridges across the back of the ponds on his property. He says that both ponds are triangular and stream fed.  So crossing the tail can be tricky.  He is going to make a pillar of 4 foot pallets and use the 12 foot long x 4 foot wide pallets as a base for a foot bridge.  They should make nice fishing platforms too.
His total cost for this coup coup was $6 - He didn't have any door hinges.


This shed was built by Peter Glendinning 
It holds 3 1/2 cords of wood.
Once the roof is shingled he is ready for winter.

This shed was build by Tom Anthony, Kodiak Alaska.
He had the following to say about his shed.
"I got to say that your idea for the pallet wood shed is great.  Here in Kodiak it can be tough to keep your wood dry.  I just completed our woodshed based on your idea, with a few modifications.  My total cost was roughly $50 for some hardware, and 2X 4's.  Not bad considering the cost of lumber here.  I did happen to score pretty good at the local landfill for lumber though. Anyway, I will attach a picture of the new addition,
still needs a door. 
In the picture is my wife Thea and our bird dog Maggie."
This play fort was built by Keith E. Hyndman, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA.
Keith had the following to say about it.
"Not one piece of lumber was purchased, all of the framing came for pallets, the flooring and walls...pallets, the roof sheathing was pieced together from old plywood cabinet doors. Roll roofing was some left over given to me by a co-worker.  The wooden ladder was given to me by my neighbor.
Cinder block footers, given to me by my neighbor.

Hope this helps inspire others to create things from recycled materials."


Another Wood Shed built from pallets

Just wanted to show you the product of wondering around on the internet one day searching for ideas about a wood shed from wood pallets.  I had such a good time building this shed, but it was a bit of a challenge.  My shed is built on the edge of a ravine, so there were some problems to be worked out.
I was trying to build this shed a cheaply as possibly, but had to haul in 6 ton of gravel, thus most of my expense.  And, by the time was all said and done, I had to paint the shed to look presentable to my property.  Any way, thank you for the ideas and inspiration.  The job from concept to completion took be about six weeks.  Of course I did not work on the project every day and some days I only worked an hour or so.  Again, thank you for your ideas and I now have about 2 chords of wood safely stored with room for another cord if I so choose.



A recent visitor to this site sent me the following pictures and comments

"I recently I was building a new lean-to onto the out building for lawnmower storage.  I had sticker shock from the price of concrete here and looked for another option. As we a big problem with termites here in south Georgia, I didn't want wood touching the ground.  What we found was a used pallet dealer that had a load of plastic pallets.  The attached photos show what we came up with.  It has really worked out very well.  I enjoyed browsing your site.  A lot of good ideas there. 
Hope this will help some one with a future project. 


Mike Millson of Jackson TN has built two small projects using pallets.
He had the following to say about them.

"I thought I would send you some pictures of two small projects I have made with pallets.  Being a University of Tennessee Master Gardener, I needed a good place to pot, repot, start seeds, etc.  I made this potting bench for this purpose and used some left over exterior paint to bump it up a little.
I also have some "backyard hens" and needed a nest box.  I obtained some milk crates and some pallets and cut up the pallets, added a sloped top and here it all is.
Your site is wonderful and appreciate all the time you spent making it so. Thank you for your recyclying and repurposing otherwise more products to over flow our landfills. 
-Mike Millson
Jackson, TN  38301

Ian Turner from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada had need of a wood shed.
He thought he would try one like I did and his results were pretty good.


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